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I have battled an eating disorder for over 20 years, and it wasn’t until I started working with Kristie that I began to make significant strides in my recovery. Kristie is a highly experienced, effective, and knowledgeable dietitian who will meet you where you’re at, and will help disrupt disordered behaviors and beliefs. She always brings compassion, empathy, understanding and supreme kindness into every one of our sessions. Kristie is gentle when I take steps backwards, encouraging when I make progress, never judging me, and reminding me to not judge myself. She has taught me there are no “bad foods”, and with her guidance and support, intuitive eating is fully within reach. I would not be where I am today without Kristie, and I am incredibly grateful for her. I strongly recommend adding Kristie to your treatment team if you are seeking an exceptional registered dietician who will significantly improve your relationship with food.

A.H. - Los Angeles, CA

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Once I became willing and open to exploring a certain level of acceptance and self-love, Kristie was able to not only educate me about my body; but more importantly, show me that there is a solution to my Eating Disorder. Throughout the past rigorous two years, Kristie has shown and proven to me time and time again that I do have inner strength and also to realize that coming through the other side of my Eating Disorder is a process, a journey.

S.S. - Pasadena, CA

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I was blindsided when I learned that my daughter had an Eating Disorder. I didn’t know where to turn or how to support her. Thankfully, our journey led us to Kristie. She has a firm and no-nonsense approach with her clients, while at the same time managing to be comforting and supportive of them. In addition to masterfully guiding my daughter through this struggle, she also provided constant guidance and support to me, gently reminding me of the struggles my daughter faces and giving me strength and hope for an ED free future!  

A.M.  - La Canada , CA

My doctor suggested that I work with a dietitian before we tried medicine, so I reached out to Kristie and she responded immediately. I was hesitant at first because I truly wondered what a nutritionist could tell me that I didn't already know. The truth is, there is so much about food-body interaction that is not common knowledge. Kristie's wisdom, help, and kindness made it so easy to adapt. By making small changes to my diet, I was feeling better in a matter of days.

L.D. - Santa Clarita, CA

Finding a balanced, peaceful relationship with food is possible

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